Friday, July 26, 2013

Field Directed Work Week 5

This was a successful week at inputting the “SS” dataset into IBM’s Analyst Notebook.  A shorter practice dataset was inserted into the tool test if the data can be imported.   Based on the fields and their definitions available from the dataset I created an attribute relationship  Once it went in cleanly, all 50,000 records were inserted.  A few glitches occurred so we looked at the raw data in Excel and upon determining null data causing column misalignment they were adjusted in Excel, we were able to formulate the entire set into a peacock view in Analyst Notebook  Here is a screenshot of what peacock data looks like.

SS Peacock


The relationships of the data stems from what the user wants to correlate to each other.  For example I created a fake dataset of name, birth date and gender in Excel.

Association Chart

I chose an association chart, but the user has many options on how they want the data to relate


Import Specification

I then determined how I wanted to correlate the data, in this case I wanted the name associated with the date associated with the gender


Male Female

Once the data is imported an individual male chart and a female chart are created showing the relationships of name to date of birth.


At the end of the week upon returning to Richland for a few days, I met with a co-worker to discuss next steps in massaging some twitter data to be inputted into the tools and how to deal with columns with null information.

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