Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving to Virginia for the Summer

The Cramer family has been on a blogging hiatus for a long time, but I'm sort of forced into doing this for the summer for school, work and family reasons so this is a good excuse to pick it up again.  We loved doing it, but it just got too chaotic with a newborn, house chores (yuck), travelling, school and work.  But we are going to make a concerted effort to keep up with it for a while.  So the big news is, we are moving to Virginia.  Nick is going on assignment and he was not going to do it unless Lucy and I came.  It took a lot of planning and organizing, but we're doing it!  We'll be gone from June 20th through August 29th. 

Nick took off on June 9th, which left me and Lucy to fend for ourselves.  We were so thankful for all the help, meals, and babysitting.  I was in the middle of finals, packing my office, packing our stuff, and was exhausted from being in the first trimester of our second pregnancy.  Yup, I'm pregnant with our second one on the way and moving to the land of humidity.  Wheeee......

Here's our last day saying good-bye to the house and hopping on the airplane to Virginia.

Lucy's a seasoned traveller on airplanes, but this was her first time having her own seat and my second time flying with her alone.  All I have to say, flying with a two year old is much different than flying with a 10 week old.  She's more mobile, more chatty, and more curious.

We're leaving Pasco on one of the small planes to Seattle

Saying Good-bye to Seattle and heading to Dulles


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Teresa said...

So happy you're blogging again as I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!