Friday, August 16, 2013

Field Directed Work Week 8

This week I spent time ingesting Twitter datasets into Tableau Software.  Tableau Software is a great tool to make tables, charts and graphs on the fly by dragging and dropping the dimensions and measures you want to have to calculated instantaneously.  The datasets are mostly in CSV or Excel format.  The dimensions are dictated by the field or column headings.  The data must be formatted in Excel to designate whether it is a number, string, text, etc.


(1) Arrows that point to the dimensions (fields) from the excel spreadsheet (2) Measured values.  This is the table with the designated dimension and measured values, this is a table displaying tweet counts (4) by user (3)


Dragging and dropping dimensions and measures to formulate graphs or figures, in this bar chart we’ve plotted tweet counts by time zone


The various types of figures you can visualize based on the number of dimensions (fields) and measures.  You can make tables, maps, heat maps, tree maps, stacked or horizontal bar charts, side by side style, line, dual line, area, pie, scatter, circle, bullet, Gantt, packed bubble and histogram charts.  The title of this widget is “Show Me” so it shows you your options based on your criteria.



Stacked bar chart that displays, number of tweets per year, by designated twitter ID (color block)



“Packed Bubble” visualization of twitter data by device or method, the larger the bubble the higher the number of devices



Graph of web log data that display the website URL and number of hits (counts)


I also spent the majority of this week gathering all datasets and writing up my final artifacts for my mentor and for my field directed work.  I also played with Tool “D” ingesting photos and videos and examining the capabilities that tool can offer for intelligence analysts.

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