Friday, August 23, 2013

Field Directed Work Week 9

This is my last and final week in Virginia for the summer.  I spent a majority of the week working on my final artifact (Powerpoint slides) which included all of the datasets and visualization analytic tools I worked with.  The visual analytic tools I worked with were IN-SPIRE, Tool “B”, IBM’s i2 Analyst Notebook and Tableau Software.  The dataset types were library citations (Database searches in Web of Science and IEEE), twitter, emails from database sources, and web logs.  Each raw dataset had to be formatted for each designated tool.  Each tool is built upon different theories, algorithms, and background mathematics, to display the dataset visually for the user to discover trends or contextual relationships of the data they may not have seen with the naked eye. 

Introduction Slide Introduction Slide


Visual Analytics2 Visual Analytic Tools and Different Data Sources


Visual Analytics1

Data Flow into the Visualization tools


Included with the roadmap are the initial views of the tools and the types of figures a user can obtain to discover the relationships within the dataset.  These views were created throughout the summer and can be seen in previous weeks’ blog entries.


ConclusionSlide Information can come from a variety of sources and interpreting large sets of data can be quite daunting, but with the use of visual analytic tools, users can discover relationships and trends in a given dataset. 

The final artifact, Powerpoint Presentation, was sent to the Directed Fieldwork Advisor directly and if you would like to see the final slides feel free and email or leave a comment here.  I did not want the information to be distributed publicly.  Thanks!

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