Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tutorial: Teaching Research Staff at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory How to Use Web of Science

Cramer_Carolyn_3H948_orig For Lorraine Bruce’s LIS560 “Instructional and Training Strategies for Information Professionals” class, I focused on the information needs and information seeking  behaviors of “senior” and “early/mid career” research scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  Based on the various learning styles and behaviors of the target audience, I created a tutorial for the research staff on how to access and utilize the widely used scientific database “Web of Science”.   I also created a rubric to assess and gauge competencies and skills following the tutorial.


The five learning tasks of the tutorial were to:

  • Locate and access PNNL’s Technical Library Website
  • Navigate the Web of Science Interface
  • Perform basic and advanced searches
  • Utilize faceting and refinements of the search results
  • Knowledge of other features of the database

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