Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This course has really opened my eyes as to what type of person I am and what type of person I look up to.  Could I be a manager?  Am I a leader?  How do I view my current managers and leaders in my career?  The I know for sure is that I want a team that I trust and I want them to trust me. Without trust projects will not succeed. I really believe in Lencioni’s pyramid of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Without trust everything else will fail. The Inattention to results, avoidance of accountability, lack of commitment, fear of conflict, and absence of trust are all key components of a team.

I want a team of creative people with vision and take initiative and proactive roles. I don’t want people who are just there for a paycheck and watch the clock tick down. I realize there is always going to be bureaucracy and budgetary issues.  I also understand people have different learning behaviors and social styles.  There are always ways to direct your management or leadership skills to your team’s styles. 

According to Evans there are many characteristic differences between a manager and a leader. Sometimes you can be a manager but not a leader. Sometimes you can be both.

Managers are often:

  • administers
  • is a copy
  • maintains, accepts reality
  • is system and structure focused
  • relies on control
  • short-term view
  • asks how and when
  • has an eye on the bottom line
  • imitates
  • accepts the status quo
  • is a classic good soldier
  • does things right.

Leaders are:

  • innovators
  • original
  • develops, investigates reality
  • people focused
  • inspires trust
  • long-range view
  • asks what and why
  • has an eye on the horizon
  • originates
  • challenges the status quo
  • is their own person
  • does the right thing.

There are aspects of both managers and leaders I believe I could be a good match, but overall I think I would make a better leader than manager.  I don’t know how I would be able to handle the bureaucracy, policies and procedures, and being a copy of someone else as a manager.  But I do have long term and short term views on the future, I do ask how and when, what and why, I do like challenges and being my own person, and being original.

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