Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Directed Field Work Week 4

This week I slammed and got through the other five chapters of structured analytical techniques.  I again highlighted techniques I felt were pertinent to my mentor’s needs of assessing social media data.

Chapter 8. Cause and Effect

  • 8.1 Key Assumptions Check
  • 8.2 Structured Analogies
  • 8.3 Role Playing
  • 8.4 Red Hat Analysis
  • 8.5 Outside-In Thinking
  • 8.6 Policy Outcomes Forecasting Model
  • 8.7 Prediction Markets

Chapter 9. Challenge Analysis

  • 9.1 Premortem Analysis
  • 9.2 Structured Self-Critique
  • 9.3 What If? Analysis
  • 9.4 High Impact/Low Probability Analysis
  • 9.5 Devil’s Advocate
  • 9.6 Red Team Analysis
  • 9.7 Delphi Method

Chapter 10. Conflict Management

  • 10.1 Adversarial Collaboration
  • 10.2 Structured Debate

Chapter 11. Decision Support

  • 11.1 Complexity Manager
  • 11.2 Decision Matrix
  • 11.3 Force Field Analysis
  • 11.4 Pros-Cons-Faults-Fixes
  • 11.5 SWOT Analysis

Chapter 12. Guide to Collaboration

  • 12.1 Social Networks and Analytic Teams
  • 12.2 Dividing the Work
  • 12.3 Common Pitfalls with Small Groups
  • 12.4 Benefiting from Diversity
  • 12.5 Advocacy vs Objective Inquiry
  • 12.6 Leadership and Training

At the end of the week, I sat down with my mentor and went through the extremely large slide deck as quickly as possible and told him techniques I highlighted were meant for the problem they were looking at originally.  He was really happy with my slides but would like me to focus on social media techniques in general that can be used as a streamlined process.  So I will be going through all of the slides again and inputting information on all of the techniques and we will go through each one, one by one next week with a few scientists in the visual analytics group and get their input as well.  So he asked me to set up this meeting and add the additional information for next week.

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