Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Directed Field Work Week 5

Following last week’s meeting with my mentor, he requested a meeting with three research scientists/specialists who are currently analyzing various social media datasets used in intelligence analysis.  We presented the large slide deck of the 52 different structured analytical techniques and had the scientists flag.  As we went through chapter by chapter, the scientists use sticky notes to flag which ones were of high to low relevancy when associated with the analysis of social media type of data.  In making their decisions some of the issues that were brought up included:

  • Source/type of social media data
  • Would this data be used in conjunction with other information
  • The story or questions needing to be answered
  • Who all would be present in the analysis of the information

After each of the scientists wrote on their sticky notes their rankings, we gathered at a giant table and placed their responses on high, high-med, medium, medium-low, and low on a giant piece of butcher paper.  After all of the sticky notes were placed, we looked at the placement of everyone’s responses.  Because there were three people, everyone needed to be on the same page.  For the most part everyone was in agreement about the placement of responses.  Any responses that were not in agreement each person discussed why they felt it belong in its ranking.  They all weighed in until they were all in agreement.

Here are some images on that day working to categorize the techniques in relevancy.


Table1 Highs




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