Friday, May 9, 2014

Spring Directed Field Work Week 6

After the meeting with the research scientists, I compiled an excel spreadsheet of the broad chapter headings and title (Table 1) and the individual techniques that included the chapter/section, title, and level (ranking of the technique) in Table 2.   

Table 1. Chapter and Titles of Structured Analytic Techniques for Intelligence Analysis

Week 6 Table 1

Table 2. All of the Relevancy Rankings of Structured Analytical Techniques by Research Scientists for Social Media Analysisimage

I then filtered the higher level techniques that would be most beneficial with social media data analysis and spliced those out for my mentor to look at. He wanted to make sure there was at least one technique that was of high value in each of the Chapters.

Table 3. Structured Analytical Techniques Ranked of High Value, Chapters, Sections and Title

Week 6 Table 3

Following this discussion, I spliced out of the original full slide deck all of the high ranked techniques based on Table 3, and created a new slide deck that my mentor was going to use at a client visit he was attending in Washington D.C. in two weeks.  We are going to meet with the research scientists next week to associate examples and write notes of when these techniques would be applicable with social media. 

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