Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Directed Field Work Week 8

While my mentor was on travel I began reading about the intelligence analysis techniques listed in an additional textbook he had given me and started a slide deck of notes from the content.

Intelligence Analysis: How to Think in Complex Environments by Wayne Michael Hall and Gary Citrenbaum, 2010

Intelligence Analysis

The methods listed in this book had some very similar characteristics as the previous text, but were not all structured analytical techniques.  These were a mixture of structured and unstructured techniques and gave examples in terms of complex environments supporting military operations, modern intelligence analysis, operational environments, and adversaries.  It didn’t directly discuss how the techniques can fit in with social media, but can certainly be inferred.  The text of this book was written in a  very technical, higher level of thinking than the previous textbook by Heuer, but was fascinating to see how the U.S. government uses these techniques in connections with terrorism, adversaries, and national security.

The purpose of the intelligence officer and some key definitions listed in the introduction of the text I noted in the slide deck.

Week 8 PPT 1

There are 14 Cognitive Functions of Advanced Analysis and were separated by individual chapters.  I started to take notes for each of the sections and will hopefully complete sometime next week.  The book is extremely text heavy and is time consuming to get through.  But I am highlighting content that best describes the techniques listed in each chapter.

Week 8 PPT 2

Based on last week’s meeting I downloaded the ICDs (Intelligence Community Directive standards and policies) a co-worker mentioned would be useful for my mentor’s research and uploaded to his share drive to be used at a later time.  Additionally I uploaded to the share drive references mentioned in Heuer’s text book that were readily available online. 

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