Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Directed Field Work Week 9

This week I continued to finish up the notes and slides of the 14 cognitive functions of advanced analysis in Hall and Citrenbaum’s textbook. I wrote their definitions and made notes in regards to relationships between each other.  Here are a couple screen shots of some of the cognitive functions:


Week 9 Slide 1

week 9 Slide 2

Week 9 Slide 3 

Week 9 Slide 4

Week 9 Slide 5

Week 9 Slide 6

Because of how text heavy the book is, in between I took breaks and downloaded journal articles regarding “deception detection”, “key assumptions”, with “social media” from some of the online databases PNNL has subscriptions to and from other online sources.  I downloaded the articles and uploaded to my mentor’s Sharepoint site.  As I was researching I located a funding opportunity and sent that information to him so he could send to his colleagues to possibly apply to. 

I also met with my mentor to discuss any loose ends that needed to be tied up and if any other information was needed before ending my directed field work stint with him.  I wanted to mention I did not mention my mentor’s name throughout the weeks of this directed field work stint. 

My final artifacts included:

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